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The Inventory of Residential Closures represents a subset of residential closures approved by the DEQ.  These residential closures were submitted to the DEQ in a No Further Action Report, satisfy the limited residential cleanup criteria under section 20120a(1)(c) of Part 201 or the site-specific residential cleanup criteria under sections 20120a(2) and 20120b of Part 201, include land use or resource use restrictions, and were specifically requested by the submitter of the No Further Action Report. 


The Inventory of Facilities has three data sources: Facilities under Part 201, Environmental Remediation, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended (NREPA) identified through state funded or private party response activities (Projects); Facilities under Part 213, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks of the NREPA; and Facilities identified through submittals of Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEA) submitted pursuant to Part 201 or Part 213 of the NREPA.  This webpage is an intermediate step to providing all the information under required Section 20112a of Part 201.  The DEQ has information technology projects in progress that will have the capacity to provide all the information required under Section 20112a

The Part 201 Projects Inventory does not include all of the facilities that are subject to regulation under Part 201 because owners are not required to inform the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) about the facilities and can pursue cleanup independently. Facilities that are not known to DEQ are not on the Inventory, nor are locations with releases that resulted in low environmental impact.

Part 213 facilities listed here may have more than one release; a list of releases for which corrective actions have been completed and list of releases for which corrective action has not been completed is located on the Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Site Search webpage. The DEQ may or may not have reviewed and concurred with the conclusion that the corrective actions described in a closure report meets criteria. 

A BEA is a document that new or prospective property owners/operations disclose to the DEQ identifying the property as a facility pursuant to Part 201 and Part 213. The Inventory of BEA Facilities overlaps in part with the Part 201 Projects facilities and Part 213 facilities.  There may be more than one BEA for each facility.
Questions regarding any one facility should be directed to the district in which the facility is located.  District contact information can be found on the RRD office location map.

A note about results: There is no geographic (latitude/longitude) data for Baseline Environmental Assessments. Collection of that data was not requested until 2010 and the RRD has no means to store and retrieve that data electronically at this time. Latitude/longitude data listed for BEAs was derived for those BEAs that are associated with Part 201 Projects.  Results are updated daily overnight.

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