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State of Michigan's Food Inspections Online Postings


The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) licenses and inspects over 19,000 grocery and convenience stores, food processors and food warehouses.  Ensuring the safety of food sold and distributed in Michigan is the MDARD’s highest priority.


On this website, you will have access to food inspection reports for retail food establishments (primarily grocery and convenience stores), for all active establishments inspected by MDARD.  Inspection reports will only be available from September 2011 forward.  


Routine inspections are typically conducted at a 6, 12 or 18-month frequency, depending on the type and complexity of the food handling at the establishment.


Violations are items that, if not addressed, may lead to foodborne illness, food contamination or an environmental health hazard.  More severe violations that are not corrected during a routine inspection may require a follow-up inspection within ten days or less.


Some violations are identified as less severe, but still need to be addressed by the establishment.  These types of violations include items such as dirty floors or lack of hair restraints.


Restaurants are inspected by Michigan’s 45 local health agencies, and reports for these are not included on this site.  However, some of these agencies make these report available online on their county websites.