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RAP Complaint Form
RAP Complaint Form
(This reporting form is for Michigan complaints only)

There may be a significant delay between when your complaint is submitted and when it is received. In urgent cases, please call the RAP Hotline at 1-800-292-7800.

To submit a Report All Poaching complaint, follow the steps listed below. After you have filled in all related fields, click on 'Submit' to send your complaint to the Law Enforcement Division.

** Two red asterisks means that the field is mandatory and must be filled in.  

Step 1.  Choose the county where the complaint activity took place.

    County: **

Step 2.  Choose the township or city where the complaint activity took place.

                 Township/City: **

Step 3.  Describe when the complaint activity took place (e.g. 07/25/2002  4:00pm; right now).  

             When: **

Step 4.  Enter a general description of the complaint.  

    Complaint Description**    

Step 5.  Enter any suspect information that you have.  If no suspect information, go to Step 6. 

Suspect Name:
Vehicle License Plate:
Vehicle License State:
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Type:
Vehicle Color:
Vehicle Year:


Step 6.  Do you want to be contacted by an officer about this complaint?  If 'No', go to Step 9.

             To Be Contacted:   Yes    No 


Step 7.  Do you want your name to be kept confidential?

             Confidential:   Yes    No 

Step 8.  Enter information about yourself, even if you want to remain confidential, so we have a way to

             contact you.

Zip Code:    (use U.S. or Canadian zip code formats)
Home Phone No.: (use 'nnn-nnn-nnnn' format)
Work Phone No.: (use 'nnn-nnn-nnnn' format)


Step 9.  Click on Submit or Reset.      

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