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Michigan Bear Harvest Report
This information is requested under authority of Part 435, 1994 PA 451, M.C.L. 324.43539.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is asking for your help. Completing this short questionnaire will help us to evaluate hunter success and total harvest. This information will be used to better manage bear in Michigan and help us establish hunting seasons that you enjoy.

Complete this questionnaire only when you are done bear hunting for the 2015 season. Once you submit your answers you will not be allowed to make any changes or additions. It is also important that you give us only your hunting results. Do not combine another hunter's results with yours. We need information from you, even if you did not hunt or harvest a bear. If you did not hunt, please answer "No" to the first question, and you will be finished with this questionnaire.

Report only your hunting activities and the bear that was tagged with your bear license. Report days hunted in different counties on separate rows in the table.

If you would like to provide comments about Michigan bear management or you experienced problems reporting your hunting activity, please contact us at wildlife_surveys@michigan.gov.